Various Products

Tea Incense Burner (Chakoro)

Tea Incense Burner

  • Please only use candles made specifically for incense burners. Never use fuel other than incense burner candles or aroma candles, as this is extremely dangerous
  • For electrical-type burners, always remember to switch off after use, or remove the plug from the socket
  • As with all electrical products or items that use an open flame, please store and use this product out of reach of children and away fom pets. Keep this burner away from flammable sources or dangerous places.(oil, gas, curtains, places where the burner is likely to fall over, places exposed to the wind)
  • When using for a long period of time, please place the burner on a heat-resistant base or mat.(Do not place the burner directly on the floor or tatami mats, as this can cause scorch marks)
  • Do not use water or other such methods to cool down the burner during or after use, as this can cause injury. Please allow the burner to cool down naturally
  • To change the tea leaves, first blow out the candle or switch off the burner and allow it to cool down. Change the leaves only when the burner is cool.(Please be advised that the base of the tea leaves plate tends to become dirty with soot)



  • Due to its porous nature, it is possible that moss will accumulate on the flowerpot
  • Please take extra care to place it in a safe place if the pot seems unstable
  • Moss growth can be somewhat inhibited by placing the pot on a dry veranda or base sheet

Flower Vase

flower vase

  • Do not use as dinnerware
  • Please be careful not to drag the vase along tables etc., as this can cause scratches
  • Please take extra care to place it in a safe place if the vase seems unstable
  • Although water leakage is unlikely, we recommend placing the vase on a base mat or block

Umbrella Stand

Umbrella Stand

  • Please take extra care to place it in a safe place if the stand seems unstable
  • Please place sponge or other cushioning material in the inner base of the umbrella stand.(This prevents damage to the base when umbrellas are placed in the stand)
  • Do not throw or violently shove in umbrellas, as this causes unnecessary force to the stand

Earthenware Pot (Kame)

Earthenware Pot (Kame)

  • Before use, please check the pot and lid for cracks and chipping
  • Toki pottery breaks easily. During use and cleaning, please treat the pot delicately
  • Pots and lids with cracks, chips, or deep scratches can unexpectedly break at any time. As such, we recommend against using damaged pots
  • In the case of breakage, sharp splinters and fragments may be scattered over a large area. Please take extreme care when handling the fragments of a broken pot
  • This pot is not heat-resistant, and as such should not be placed over an open flame or in ovens etc.
  • Placing the pot directly on table or floors can cause damage to the surfaces. Please place the pot on a base sheet or protected surface
  • During or after use, or when placing the pot in storage, it is possible for moisture to be absorbed by the base of the pot. If this occurs, the moisture can penetrate the glaze of the pot, which in turn can contribute to cracks and early deteriotation. These cracks also eventually cause the pot to leak. As a preventative measure, please ensure that the base of the pot is dry, and store the pot in a dry place