Gold/Silver-painted Tableware

As a small accent, gold or silver ornamentation painted in an elegant design greatly enhances not only the dish, but also the food served on it. However, due to the nature of painted ceramic, it must be treated with sufficient care.

Can it be used in the microwave or oven?

Using painted tableware in the microwave or oven will cause crackling and sparking, and the gold or silver design will peel off, so please avoid doing so.
Some dishes use “microwave-safe gold” that can be microwaved, but microwaving can sometimes cause surface stains or scrapes that can in turn cause sparking. Please use caution.

How should care be taken when washing?

After use, wash with liquid dish soap on a soft sponge or cloth. Scraping hard with cleanser or a nylon scouring pad may cause the gold and silver design to peel of or cause scrapes to the surface.

Warning when using a dishwasher

When using a household dishwasher or dish dryer, use care to arrange dishes in order to avoid overlapping as much as possible, and leave enough space between dishes so that they do not collide.